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Speed Cleaning

When spring arrives, one thing that comes to mind is cleaning away the cobwebs of winter. Waking up to warmer weather is a sure way to get motivated to clean your entire home. Sometimes though, you only have time for quick cleaning tasks, especially if you're preparing your home for a last-minute showing. Consider these helpful speed cleaning tips to get your home in order faster, easier, and more efficiently. 

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Colors of the Year 2022

If you're excited by the latest interior design trends, the leading paint companies released their top color trends for home interiors, as well as the color of the year for 2022. As an anticipated annual event by architects and interior designers, these color choices are often showcased in Cedar Rapids homes for sale, as well as many other homes across the country.

These 2022 color choices are a reflection of a more optimistic color palette. Our real estate agents are excited to see a resurgence in creative imagination and expression in interior design. Take a look at some of the top color choices for 2022 that may be a perfect fit for your home.

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Winter Driveway Tips

Iowa City is a wonderful place to live, but our winters can get pretty snowy and cold. In this sort of weather, it is always important to keep driveway maintenance in mind. Whether you already live in the city or are still looking at Iowa City homes for sale, we recommend putting these winter driveway maintenance tips to good use.

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Espresso Tips

November 23rd is National Espresso Day! Espresso became common in Italian cafes in the late 1800s, and the first successful espresso machine was invented in 1901. Coffee drinkers fell in love and never looked back. If you love a strong cup of the good stuff, then National Espresso Day is the perfect occasion to perfect your at-home espresso-making skills. Our real estate agents have a few tips to guide you.

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Household Items Tips

When you're planning to add your property to the inventory of Iowa City homes for sale, it's important to go through your home and get rid of or replace household items that are past their prime. It's possible to clean some household essentials, but others should be trashed due to odors or the accumulation of germs. Here's what you need to know about the replacement timeframes for these everyday household items. 

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Cleaning Products

The hallmark of a truly beautiful home is that it is so clean that it sparkles. Most of us maintain a cabinet of chemicals to make sure our homes are clean but are they really necessary? If you're tired of spreading chemicals throughout your home, you may want to give these homemade cleaners a try.

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