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House Hunt Tips

Choosing a new home is an endeavor that seems to involve an infinite number of tasks. You must prepare to part with your current home while adapting your lifestyle to a house you might not have seen yet. Knowing what needs to be done makes the transition smoother, if not seamless. Before you start your hunt among the Cedar Rapids homes for sale, make sure you have the following covered or at least underway. 

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Deep Clean New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting and rewarding experience! Most new homeowners can't wait to move in. But before you start unpacking, make sure to complete a deep clean of your new home. This involves cleaning your new home from top to bottom.

Start by gathering the necessary cleaning supplies. Your essential cleaning supplies include cleaning products, rubber gloves, sink/tub cleaner, paper towel, floor cleaner, mop, bucket, duster, and if you have carpeting, invest in a good vacuum. Once you've gathered your supplies, work through cleaning these areas in your new home to ensure a fresh start! 

  1. Bathroom
    Your home's bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. Start with the bathroom first to get rid of germs or bacteria. When cleaning the toilet, remember to get behind the porcelain base. Clean the sink; if possible, pull out the vanity to clean behind the area. Wipe down the bathroom walls and any shelving units. Wash the bathroom mirrors if the bathroom has a built-in medicine cabinet, clean each shelf. Clean the tub and replace the shower curtain.
  2. Kitchen
    Start with the appliances. The refrigerator should be first. Wash all drawers and sanitize the shelf before filling with food. If you do not want to use harsh chemicals, use vinegar mixed with warm water to clean the refrigerator. Pull out the fridge to clean behind the appliance. Next, wash the oven, including the stovetop and hood. Pull out and clean the drawer underneath the stove. Next, scrub the kitchen sink and any other remaining appliances. Wipe down and clean all the cabinets inside and out, wash any countertop space, and any other shelving units.
  3. Remaining Rooms
    If the rest of the rooms are empty, you will have an easier time cleaning. Wipe down the walls, vacuum or sweep, and mop floors. Depending on your move-in date, you may want to get a professional carpet cleaning service to steam clean the carpets in each room.
  4. Windows
    Clean all your windows on the inside and outside. Clean the window sills. Often dead bugs accumulate on the ledge. Using your vacuum attachments is a great way to clean your window sills. If you have blinds, carefully wash each blind to remove any germs or residue.
  5. Doors
    Using a cleaner, wipe down the doors and the knobs. Wash the windows. If you have sliding glass doors, clean the window areas.
  6. Air Vents
    Dust the air vents in your home. Check and replace your air filters. A dirty air filter can cause pollutants to enter your freshly cleaned areas.
  7. Ceiling Fans
    Wipe down each blade on the ceiling fans. Dust quickly accumulates on the back of the blades.

Deep cleaning a new home ensures a fresh start for you and your family. Looking for a new home for you and your family to move into? Contact us to start your search for Cedar Rapids homes for sale.


How to Buy a House While Selling

Have you fallen in love with one of our Cedar Rapids homes for sale? Now is the right time to secure your dream home and sell your current house to reap the investment you made. We understand that the process of buying or selling a house is a major milestone in life; doing both at the same time is truly a feat. Our real estate agents created this informative guide, offering advice on how to buy a house while selling your current home.

Life is all about making decisions, and a real estate transaction will provide you with plenty of choices to make. Before you begin the process, we believe the following four questions must be answered to ensure you make the best decisions.

  • Decision #1: Which Real Estate Agent Will You Choose?
    This may indeed be your most crucial choice in both transactions. A dynamic real estate agent can navigate these transactions smoothly, helping you buy and sell your properties with confidence. However, an unreliable broker may be unable to negotiate for your benefit or assist you with unforeseen problems that arise. Make sure you research your real estate agent options thoroughly.

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Final Walk-Through-Skogman Realty

It's the final walk-through! You're now only a few steps away from making your dream home a reality. Our real estate agents are just excited as you are, but before you celebrate, there's still important work to be done during the final walk-through. Here are our top five things that you shouldn't overlook as you finalize your home purchase. As you perform the walk-through, make sure you have a copy of your contract and inspection summary with you.

  1. Check that all repairs have been made.
    It's wise to first grab your inspection summary and verify that all requested repairs have been completed to your standards. As you walk the property, feel free to ask questions about the repairs, especially if they're on important aspects of the home such as the roof or plumbing. Ideally, the seller will have receipts and warranties for each job that you can file away in case further action is needed.

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