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Home Organization Apps

Seems like there's an app for just about everything these days, so it's no surprise you can find some excellent apps to aid you in home organization. 

Got your eye on one of our Cedar Rapids homes for sale? These apps may make life a little better for you once you move in.

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Apps to Stay Connected

As our local governments and national health organizations continue to encourage or require lifestyle changes that dramatically alter our everyday lives, we must remember that social distancing does not mean social isolation. Our real estate agents want all of our family members, friends, and neighbors in our Cedar Rapids communities to never forget that you're not alone in these trying times. Advances in technology enable us to stay connected now more than ever before. Whether you're interested in keeping in touch with family members across the country or checking in on a neighbor across the street, use these apps to help you stay connected while social distancing safely.

  1. Houseparty
    Yes, you can still have a house party while social distancing — at least virtually. The Houseparty app is a video chatting application that allows up to eight users to spend virtual time together face-to-face. Free to download, this app uses a split-screen feature so all each user can see all other participants at the same time. This is ideal for intimate gatherings of close friends, small clubs or associations, or even to get the whole family together no matter how far away each member is.

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