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Patio Dining Cedar Rapids

It's time to celebrate spring in Cedar Rapids, and some of your favorite dining destinations around the city are hard at work gearing up for your arrival. So why not stop by and celebrate the season with some scenic patio dining? Our real estate agents have all the details on 6 Cedar Rapids restaurants with awesome patios for you to enjoy this spring.

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Cedar Rapids Tours

If you're new to Cedar Rapids — or even if you're still in the process of looking at Cedar Rapids homes for sale — we highly recommend taking local tours as a way of getting to know the area. This city has a rich history and beautiful geography, thanks to its position along the Cedar River. Here are a few of the best local tours that will help grow your appreciation for Cedar Rapids.

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Cedar Rapids Shops

The holiday season is here, and our real estate agents want to help you find the perfect gift!

Cedar Rapids homes for sale aren't all we do at Skogman Realty. We also know a thing or two about picking out meaningful holiday presents too. In a world where you can find just about anything you can imagine on an e-commerce website, it takes creativity and effort to hunt for a unique treasure with local flavor.

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Historic Districts Cedar Rapids

Our real estate agents love a lot of things about living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But above all, we love getting to call such a rich, historic city home. In the nearly two centuries since Osgood Shepherd built the first log cabin in what is now Cedar Rapids back in 1837, our city has seen its share of history. 

Cedar Rapids is home to hundreds of sites and several districts that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. For anyone looking for historic Cedar Rapids homes for sale, there are a lot of great options out there. We recommend beginning your search in and around these unique historic districts in Cedar Rapids. 

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Cedar Rapids Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! While there are many breakfast options to choose from, we love to start our mornings with a warm waffle topped with all the fixings.

Our real estate agents agree that this breakfast staple is truly deserving of an international holiday. Celebrate International Waffle Day on Thursday, March 25 with your favorite breakfast from one of these great restaurants around Cedar Rapids.

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Cedar Rapids Healthy Food

Who's hungry? Cedar Rapids is home to a wealth of dining options, including a lot of great healthy eateries. If you're anything like our real estate agents and are making a solid effort to eat healthier in the new year, then you might want to check some of these places out!

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Espresso in Cedar Rapids

Some days, you need a good hot cup of Joe to get you through. Our real estate agents understand this, and we're happy to have many great coffee shops nearby. In honor of National Espresso Day, which is coming right up on November 23, we thought we'd share some of our favorite spots to grab a latte in the Cedar Rapids area. 

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Cedar Rapids Pumpkin Patches

Are you searching for the perfect rustic decorative touch for your home this fall, or preparing to carve pumpkins with your whole family? Then a trip to the pumpkin patch is certainly in order! Spending a few hours roaming the fields to pick your perfect pumpkin is a fun activity for all ages. Many local pumpkin patches also offer additional activities designed especially with kids in mind. Our REALTORS® have all the details on where you can shop for pumpkins and enjoy some fall family fun in the Cedar Rapids area.

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Honey Farms in Cedar Rapids

If you have a hankering for a sweet treat, there's good news ahead.

Yes, our real estate agents want you to know that September is National Honey Month. There's never been a better time to enjoy all-natural honey from right here in the Cedar Rapids area.

Honey has been called nature's perfect food, and you might just agree when you taste some of the delicious honey, you'll find within miles of the best Cedar Rapids homes for sale.

Every honey has a unique color, taste, and fragrance based on the flowers visited by bees as it was made. When you try local honey, you're getting a true taste of Cedar Rapids! Most local honey is produced around Mount Vernon, just 20 minutes away.

Here's where you can stock up on local honey this September:

  1. Bass Family Farms – 840 Bass Lane, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
    When you visit Bass Family Farms, you can enjoy year-round family fun, including the popular all-ages agri-tour. As you journey through the property, you'll get a real sense of the Bass commitment to sustainable farming – and see prime examples of more than four dozen types of flowers that bloom throughout the area. That's one of the secrets to rich, delicious honey not far from Mount Vernon homes for sale!
  2. The Big Apple Orchard – 1117 Highway 30 West, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
    The Big Apple Orchard lives up to its name with acres and acres of apples. The orchard is known for its mulled apple cider, apple turnovers, and apple donuts that visitors journey from miles around to enjoy each fall. There are 22 types of apples and 2,000 apple trees on the property, but don't forget honey, which comes from local hives. Plus, picnic and event areas are available right at the orchard.
  3. Ebert Honey – 1090 Highway 1 North, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
    Family-owned Ebert Honey was founded in 1980 with about ten bee colonies. In the years since father Phil and sons, Adam and Alex have gone from selling honey in the home to producing some 100,000 pounds of honey per year. While most of the honey can be purchased from retailers throughout the state of Iowa, both properties have been known to welcome guests in the warm season.
  4. Kroul Farms – 245 Highway 1 South, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
    A fine example of community-supported agriculture, Kroul Farms has a history dating back to 1948. The latest generation of owners has transformed the farm into a beloved destination for seasonal products. The products and produce are all sought-after Iowa staples, but Kroul uses modern and sustainable techniques. Honey, pumpkins, corn, squash, peppers, tomatoes, and more are popular.
  5. The Noble Bee – 2956 170th Street, South Amana, IA 52334
    The Noble Bee dates back to a mid-1980s experiment in back yard beekeeping that has developed into a top brand available from retailers all across Iowa. Visit their store minutes from Amana homes for sale, and you can pick up fresh honey along with your other favorite grocery items for a party or picnic. Whether you want liquid honey, whipped honey, comb, or crystallized, you can choose from ten distinct flavors.

Contact us today to learn about real estate opportunities around Cedar Rapids.


Go Fishing Day

With a landscape crisscrossed by rivers and dotted by lakes, Iowa offers endless opportunities for anglers. National Go Fishing Day is coming up on June 18, and our real estate agents are excited to share some of our favorite fishing spots in the Cedar Rapids area. 

Cedar Rapids straddles the banks of the Cedar River and lies within a short drive of several prime fishing lakes. From bass and walleye to crappie and catfish, you'll find opportunities to tackle all your favorite game fish in these Cedar Rapids fishing hot spots!

  1. Prairie Park Fishery - 2125 Otis Rd SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
    Encompassing a deep, clear lake that was once a sand mining quarry, Prairie Park Fishery is one of the most popular fishing spots in the Cedar Rapids area. The two basins of the flooded quarry harbor abundant crappie and bluegill populations, along with largemouth bass, walleye, and several other species. Shore access is available, and anglers have the best luck fishing around steep drop-offs and shelves. Located a stone's throw from these Cedar Rapids homes for sale, the park has limited motorboat access—electric trolling motors only—but is a great place to fish from a canoe or kayak. 

  2. Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area - 4530 McClintock Rd, Palo, IA 52324
    Just 20 minutes from Cedar Rapids, Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area offers some of the best fishing in the region. Largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, crappie, and muskellunge are all stocked in Pleasant Creek Lake, which has fishing jetties along the shore and several boat launch ramps. The recreation area is also a prime spot for swimming, boating, hiking, and camping. 

  3. Palisades-Kepler State Park - 700 Kepler Dr, Mt Vernon, IA 52314
    Stretching along the picturesque banks of the Cedar River southeast of Cedar Rapids, Palisades-Kepler State Park is a beautiful place to spend a weekend in the great outdoors. This stretch of river is known for great catfish, bass and bluegill fishing, especially in the area above and below the old Cedar River dam. The park provides shore fishing access, in a dramatic setting surrounded by mature forest and towering river bluffs. 

  4. Indian Creek Nature Center - 5300 Otis Rd SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
    One of Iowa's true hidden gems, Indian Creek, is an outstanding smallmouth bass stream that lies well off the beaten path. Rocky areas and deep holes up to 8 feet deep harbor big smallmouths year-round, and some walleye swim-up Indian Creek from the Cedar River every spring. Twister-tail grubs and spinners are the lures of choice for local anglers. You can access the creek through Indian Creek Nature Center, just outside Cedar Rapids (the Nature Center facilities are closed due to COVID-19 at this time, but the trails and grounds remain open). 

  5. Five in One Dam - Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
    Right in the heart of Downtown Cedar Rapids, the Cedar River offers a wealth of fishing opportunities, particularly in the area directly downstream from the Five in One Dam. Many anglers drop a line from the Cedar River Trail, which meanders along the shoreline, try their luck from Riverfront Park on Mays Island, or fish directly off the 1st Avenue Bridge. Either way, the river offers great smallmouth bass, walleye, and white bass fishing, along with the opportunity to tangle with giant carp and catfish. 

From fishing and hunting to hiking and birdwatching, our little corner of the world offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Contact us today to learn more about life in Cedar Rapids.

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