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Iowa City Moving Tips

There is so much to do when moving, making it a stressful time, especially for families. Packing, keeping track of everything you need to move, and ensuring your children are safe and happy could seem like an impossible task. Our real estate agents compiled these moving tips to make the process easier for your whole family.

  1. Communicate About the Move
    It's essential to include the entire family in plans for the move. Besides your work schedule, you need to consider your partner's schedule and the kids' school schedules. 

    Communicate about your plans to move with the family. You can call a family meeting and share a meal as you let them know about the move. Let them offer suggestions, if any. Also, let everybody know how they can contribute towards the move. Assign age-appropriate tasks to the children. For example, you can have them pack items from their rooms.

  2. Visit the New House as a Family
    House hunting is a tedious and lengthy process. You need to look through numerous homes before settling for one which matches your needs. If you would like to move to Cedar Rapids, go through our Cedar Rapids homes for sale.

    Once you identify a potential house, you will have to schedule a viewing. You can plan to visit the house with your kids before moving. Knowing about the place, how it looks, or the house layout, they are likely to settle better after moving in.

  3. Host a Moving Party
    You made friends with the neighbors and other people around your area. If you have moved out before, you understand the importance of closure. Host a moving party to let your neighbors and friends know you will be leaving.

    Mostly, children will benefit from the party. It will make it easier for them to accept the move. You can also have the children do one last walk around the house after packing to say goodbye to their old home.

  4. Declutter Before Packing
    After living in the house for a while, there will be numerous things you'll realize that you no longer need. So, begin by decluttering the house. Ask your children to help you declutter. Let them know they can keep some things they hold dear, but they need to let go of items they no longer need—for example, toys or clothes they have outgrown.

    Once you are all done decluttering, you can organize a yard sale. Sort out everything you don't need, inventory it, put a price tag, and put it up for sale. You can earn a lot from the sale to finance the move or buy items in the new house.

  5. Make it Fun
    While moving can be exhausting, you can make it fun for everyone by making it a game. You can play seek and find where your kids find specific items and put them in a group. They will be having fun and help you pack quickly and easily.

Moving can be exhausting, but a new home is the start of a brand new beginning. Contact us today to find a new home for your family and use our tips above for a smooth transition to your new home.

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