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interior design

When looking at Cedar Rapids homes for sale, you'll likely notice that each one has its own unique look. Interior design is personal, and every homeowner has their own preferences and ideas. If you are about to buy a home, it's a good idea to start thinking about and establishing your own personal style. Finding your own interior design style can make it easier for you to create decorative schemes and choose decor that makes the space truly feel like your own. Here are some tips to help you discover your own interior design style.

  • Look Through Magazines
    These days, people often turn to apps like Pinterest for decorating inspiration. There's nothing wrong with this, but there's also something distinct about flipping through physical magazine pages.

    Subscribe to a couple of decorating magazines, and spend time browsing them. Circle room designs and decorations that you love. Eventually, you'll start to notice some themes. For example, you may notice that you've circled lots of rooms with rustic decor and wicker baskets. Or you may notice that every bathroom you've circled has blue and green tile.

  • Use Your Clothing Style as Inspiration
    Often, people's clothing styles are similar to their interior design styles. Is most of your apparel really chic and modern? If so, you probably also favor clean, modern interior designs. If your wardrobe is filled with artsy, eclectic apparel, then you probably like eclectic spaces, too. Pay attention to the color palette, too. If you love dressing in neutrals, you'll probably enjoy decorating in neutrals, too.

  • Visit Showrooms
    Look for local building companies and remodeling companies that have showrooms. Visit these showrooms, and see which types of spaces and materials you feel most attracted to. You may find that you prefer the room setups with large-scale tile and solid-colored furniture, or you may like the ones that incorporate a lot of wood. Note the materials you're most drawn to so you can use them in your own interior designs.

  • Pay Attention in Friends' Homes
    When you visit friends' homes, pay attention to how their rooms are decorated. There may be some rooms where you feel more at ease than usual. Make note of the elements used to decorate those rooms. You can also talk to your friend about the space. Ask how they would describe the style and what they like about it. Learning about others' decorating styles can shed lots of light on your own.

  • Create an Inspiration Board
    As you look through magazines and pictures and come across designs and decorations you enjoy, cut some of them out. Paste them into a collage on an "inspiration board." Over time, your inspiration board will start to take on a distinct look — your look! You can draw on its overall mood to get a better sense of your personal decorating style.

If you use some or all of the strategies above, you'll gain a better sense of the look you want to create and the elements necessary to create it. Remember, your decorating style can change over time, too. Contact us if you're looking for a home to decorate as your own. Our real estate agents can guide you through the process.

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