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Moving with Kids

Moving can be stressful for the whole family. Fortunately, our real estate agents know that following these guidelines can decrease the stress of a move for everyone, including your kids. Check out these tips to make the process of moving with kids as easy as possible. 

  1. Give Your Kids Time to Work Through Their Feelings
    Each child will react differently to the news of a move. Some may be excited about a new home or to be relocating closer to family members, while others might feel sadness or even anger at leaving their friends and current living situation. Try to tell your kids about the move when they'll have a little bit of downtime (ie. not before a big test or important event) to process the news and fully experience their emotions. Let them know that you hear their feelings and empathize with their thoughts and concerns. Be prepared for questions about how their lives will change. 
  1. Visit the Area Where You're Moving
    If possible, take your kids the see the home that they're moving to. Show them their rooms if possible, and detail your plans for how your family will use the home. Visit areas that you might frequent after the move, like playgrounds, restaurants, and grocery stores. Arrange for them to tour their new school and meet their new educators.
  1. Make a Memory Box from Your Current Home
    A memory box is an excellent way to help your child remember and honor the time they've spent in your current home. Gather photographs from holidays, birthday parties, and other fun occasions that you hosted at your old home. You can even add brochures and photographs from restaurants and recreational sites that your child loves. If possible, throw a going-away party for your child and their friends to have one last great evening in your old home. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, and save some party mementos for the memory box. 
  1. Get Their Rooms Set Up First
    When exploring Cedar Rapids homes for sale, decide which room or rooms your kids will use for their bedrooms. Once you select and close on your new home, make your kids' bedrooms the last rooms that you pack in your old home and the first spots that you unpack in your new home. Children who are feeling apprehensive about moving will appreciate having a familiar space as soon as possible. 
  1. Recruit Help the Day of Your Move
    Moving everything into a new home is chaotic and time-consuming; keep your children from associating this kind of environment with their new home by arranging for a babysitter the day of your move. It will also be easier for you to move furniture and unpack if you're not trying to also tend to your kids. 
  1. Ask Your Child to Help with Packing
    Have your child lend you a hand when it's time to pack up their room and any other belongings they have. It's comforting for a child to see first-hand what's happening to their stuff (and that it isn't just "disappearing").
  1. Get Your Child Involved
    Children are empowered when they have the ability to make decisions that impact your life. Get your child involved with setting up the new home, decorating their room, and deciding what piece of furniture should go where. 

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