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Home Library TipsWhat avid readers don't yearn to have their own private libraries? If this is a dream of yours, don't hesitate to share that information with our real estate agents as they search through Iowa City homes for sale for your perfect place. Whether you need a modest nook with bookshelves and a comfy chair or a huge room to house a massive collection, with careful planning you can obtain the library you desire. Here are a few thoughts to help you formulate your plan. 

  • Consider the space you need
    It's one thing to inventory the books you have and calculate the number of shelves you need, but you also need to consider the books you will accumulate in the future. Perhaps you read primarily on an e-reader and your book collection will essentially remain the size it is now.  That's a relatively easy task. An active collector, on the other hand, will need to allow for an expanding number of volumes. It is perfectly alright to have empty space on your shelves in the meantime. It allows you to artfully display, awards, or even plants.  

  • Consider the space available
    As you think about the size of the home, ask yourself if it is feasible to dedicate an entire room to a library, or will you need the space to serve a second purpose? One creative concept, for example, is to combine a formal dining area with a library. A healthy collection of books makes a colorful backdrop for a lovely dinner. A family room full of books can mean a comfortable space for homework and relaxation as well as entertainment. Maximizing space could mean taking advantage of an unused area. 

  • Make the room reflect your sense of style
    Ask yourself what makes a room feel comfortable to you. Do you prefer warm and cozy, like an overstuffed chair in front of a fireplace, or a white wicker sofa with an accompanying ottoman? The lighting, the décor, and the furniture should all blend harmoniously to make this the most relaxing room in the house. You will also want to make sure the design of the library follows the overall scheme of the house.  

  • Decide between built-in shelving or furniture
    Books can be the focal point of the room, in sweeping rows of color, or take a back seat to an antique hutch that encloses them behind glass doors. You are also making a decision as to whether the library is a permanent fixture or a mobile feature that can go with you if you later sell. Of course, these choices are also dependent upon the space requirements you have already determined. 

  • Keep the collection organized
    The room is most visually appealing when the books are organized by size and type. Smaller, lighter books should reside on upper shelves while heavier volumes on the bottom. Sets and series should be displayed together. Consider the use of bookends and magazine holders to keep periodicals from becoming damaged and messy. Some designers will tell you that keeping some books in stacks will make the display more interesting.

When you're ready to create your own library, contact us to help you find the perfect house for it. Our agents look forward to working with you to turn your ideas into reality.  

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