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Windows Cedar Rapids

While lots of windows are ideal for allowing large amounts of natural light into your home, they also provide the opportunity for frigid drafts to enter your home. If you think cold air is sneaking in through your windows, consider these remedies from our real estate agents for making your windows less drafty this winter. 

  1. Clean the Inside of Your Window Frames
    When you're deep cleaning your home, add the inside of your window frames to your list of places to clean. If the frames are dirty, the window won't form a proper seal when you close it. You can wipe down the frame using an old rag dampened with warm water and a little soap. Wipe the frame again with another wet rag and then once more with a dry rag. 
  1. Reconsider Foam Weatherstripping
    Foam weatherstripping is an attractive option to insulate your windows due to the low price tag. However, foam weather stripping quickly compresses and has a short lifespan of a year or two. Instead, invest in vinyl or silicone weather stripping. Both of these materials are more durable, retain their shape longer, and will last a few years. 
  1. Perform the Flame Test to See If Your Weatherstripping is Intact
    Not sure if it's time to replace your weatherstripping? The flame test is an easy way to find out. Light a candle and slowly move it around the window. If the candle's flame moves or flickers, this means there's a draft, and the weatherstripping needs to be replaced. Take note of the location where the flame moves; this is the site where the air is entering the window. 
  1. Consider Replacing the Windows
    If you have single-pane windows, the windows themselves are misshapen, or if your window frames are old and drafty, one alternative is to replace your windows. While this isn't the most budget-friendly option, if your windows are allowing cold air in because they're warped or damaged, you should notice a difference once you've replaced them. When you add your home to the list of Cedar Rapids homes for sale, the new windows will be an attractive feature for potential buyers. 
  1. Install Interior Storm Windows
    A less expensive option to deal with single-pane windows that are more likely to let drafts in is to add interior storm windows. Since interior storm windows go on the inside of your home, they won't interfere with the exterior aesthetics of your home. Interior storm windows add an additional layer of insulation to your house that helps keep cold air out and warm air in. 
  1. Add Insulating Shades or Drapes
    Another option is to replace your window coverings with alternatives that provide more insulation. These draperies and shades will help block out any drafts that manage to squeeze through your windows. 
  1. Check Around Your Windows for Holes and Gaps
    Each year, examine your window frame and the area around your windows for holes, cracks, and gaps. These are all entry points for cold air. You can use caulk to quickly plug or seal these imperfections. 

Ready to put your home on the market this winter? Contact us today to get started. 

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