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House Hunt Tips

Choosing a new home is an endeavor that seems to involve an infinite number of tasks. You must prepare to part with your current home while adapting your lifestyle to a house you might not have seen yet. Knowing what needs to be done makes the transition smoother, if not seamless. Before you start your hunt among the Cedar Rapids homes for sale, make sure you have the following covered or at least underway. 

  1. Make Your List, Check It Twice
    Determine what you need, want, and would or would not tolerate in a home. If mobility is a concern, you may need minimal steps and stairways that can accommodate lifts. If you're an avid gardener, outdoor space with plenty of sunlight is essential. You may want extra room for entertaining or easy to clean surfaces. Sort these into lists according to priority, as the details of the homes you view can make it hard to focus on your own needs. 
  2. The Bottom Line
    Determine your budget. This may involve financing or ready cash. If you need a less common feature for your home, include an estimate to have that feature installed. If you're having trouble fulfilling your wish list on a budget that works for you, you can decide what's most urgent and what can wait. 
  3. To Your Credit
    Request a free credit report from all three credit bureaus-- TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. This will help you learn what to expect for mortgage offers or decide to defer your house hunt until your credit has improved. You may also wish to pre-qualify for a mortgage for more information about what your mortgage terms and payments will look like. 
  4. The Grand Tour
    Examine the neighborhoods you're considering. You'll want to know about the closest amenities and generally how well suited the neighborhood is to your lifestyle. Dog owners will want to consider the conditions of sidewalks and proximity to dog parks. You won't know until you have a chance to see for yourself. 
  5. Buying In 
    Our real estate agents are happy to help homebuyers and can offer guidance every step of the way. Having an agent at your side means your best interests are represented by an expert. Before starting your search, find the right agent to represent you as a buyer. 
  6. Time To Go
    Decide your time frame for buying a home and allot a given time each week for your search. This will keep you from endless searching for the perfect home, and prevent you from exhausting yourself with endless open houses and viewings. A generous but limited time frame will leave you rested enough to make a good call. 
  7. Leave Your Heart Off Your Sleeve 
    A home purchase is a mutual agreement and a business deal. If there's a house you love, but the owner wants more than you can spare, you may need to walk away. While your heart might be in it, this is a purchase where you need to think logically as well. Know your budget and what your ideal timeline is before you begin your search. 

We're eager to share our secrets for helping you find a home you'll love. Contact us today.

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