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Why Choose Skogman?

When selecting a career in real estate, the company you choose to affiliate with is one of the most important decisions you will make. A company should provide training, education and tools to help you build your brand and establish your career.

Skogman Realty is dedicated to your success and provides our agents with the most effective tools in the industry. Our state of the art website, access to a full time marketing director, real time market statistics and The Skogman EdgeUcation Center - our top-notch training program, are just a few of the tools that put our agents a step above the rest.

Skogman.com is the most technologically advanced website in the area. Partnering with other leading real estate companies across the nation, we guarantee the most progressive technology the internet has to offer. Statistics show that over 85% of buyers start their search for a new home on the internet, and Skogman.com will give you all the necessary tools to make sure your listings are found.

Individual Agent Websites
When you come to work at Skogman you are given a free agent website.  This site has every function and feature that Skogman.com has, giving you major competitive advantage!  They are fully optimized for the search engines and show listings from both Skogman and other companies in the MLS.  Your site is also converted into a Mobile website and your own mobile application, allowing potential clients to browse properties while on the go.  

The Skogman EdgeUcation Center
We are dedicated to your success from the time you start your career with Skogman Realty. Starting with our pre-licensing classes, along with the 36 mandatory hours needed for you to get licensed, we ensure that your basic education is covered. The Development Center starts after you get your license and is where you will learn how to apply everything you learned in class to the everyday world of real estate. Continuing Education is also offered to our agents to help achieve the necessary hours to renew your license.  Skogman Realty agents have been offered six CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) classes, taught by national instructors with the ability to receive the CRS designation.  All of this is part of the Skogman Edge philosophy - where career long education is offered to our agents at no charge.

Ninja Selling
Starting in February 2015, Skogman Realty has embraced Ninja Selling as a sales system and as a mindset.  We have over 130 of agents that have gone through a 4 day installation and have embraced the Ninja system.  Ninja was developed by Larry Kendall from The Group Inc Real Estate Associates in Fort Collins, CO and is now taught nationwide.  The system is based on the philosophy of building relationships with people in your sphere and helping them achieve their goals of purchasing a home.  It is less about selling and more about helping people buy.  All of our agents will have the option to go through an installation at some point in a year.    

Region Presence and Market Leader
Skogman Realty is the market leader in the Corridor.  In the Cedar Rapids area, we are larger than the next two companies combined! In the Iowa City area, we have grown to be the second largest company in the area in less than four years.  Combine the two areas and we do more real estate in the Corridor than any other company.  

Full-Time Marketing Director
We have a full time marketing director dedicated to helping you, the agent, develop and grow your business.  Starting with developing your brand identity and helping you market your listings.  

Trendgraphix is a statistical tool that we offer our agents to ensure that they have the most accurate and current data possible when talking with potential customers. This tool allows you to pull real time stats in your targeted market area.

Imprev Marketing
Imprev is a marketing tool available to agents to market their listings like a professional.  With thousands of templates for post cards, fliers, virtual tours and brochures that allow you to have impressive professional tools to market yourself and your listings.  This too if offered at no charge to our agents.

For the Cedar Rapids Area Contact:

Brian Hoel
Cedar Rapids Area 
Mobile: 319-440-0916
Email: brianhoel@skogman.com



For the Iowa City Area Contact:

Jerad Ruth
Iowa City Area 
Mobile: 319-538-6063
Email: jeradruth@skogman.com




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The Skogman EdgeUcation Center

To maintain our Company’s core values and vision, we came up with the concept of The Skogman Edge.

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