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Career Simulator

Skogman Realty Personality Profile

Skogman Realty is offering a free personality test that is a quick way to determine your personality type,(takes approximately 8 minutes.) It’s interesting, fun and unique. Immediate feedback reports are available also.

The Personality Profile measures:

  • Sociability
  • Assertiveness
  • Achievement
  • Dependability
  • Emotional Resilience

Ultimately you will have the opportunity to learn something more about yourself and how effective you would be in a career as a real estate agent.

In addition, Skogman Realty provides a Real Estate Career Simulator evaluation to determine how you would do in a real estate career. The Career Simulator is an interactive tool for those not currently in real estate, which allows you to preview “real life” situations and challenges a real estate agent encounters. You will watch video-based simulations and answer questions based on the interactions.

Skills evaluated: 

  • Building Rapport & Acquiring Information
  • Listening & Comprehension
  • Managing the Sales Process
  • Closing Skills

While there are no right or wrong answers, the Career Simulator provides you with a good indication of how you would do in a real estate career.  The Career Simulator takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. 

Relax and be yourself while taking the real estate simulator; It’s just one of many indicators Skogman uses to evaluate potential agents.  Once the Career Simulator is completed, we will be in touch to go over any specific questions you have about Skogman and a real estate career.


The Skogman EdgeUcation Center

To maintain our Company’s core values and vision, we came up with the concept of The Skogman Edge.

Online Real Estate Class

Skogman Realty has partnered with ReCampus to offer the pre-licensing class online.

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