14 Things Only People Who Grew Up In Cedar Rapids in the 90′s Will Remember Feature Image

Let’s take a quick stroll through memory lane and relive the 90’s! Who remembers these Cedar Rapids staples?

1. Randal’s, Econo Foods, and Sun Mart were your grocery stores of choice!

Who remembers the free cookies at Econo Foods? Or this Randall’s commercial?

Econo foods - 90's


2. Cruisin’ the Ave

Driving up and down 1st Avenue with your friends, listing to Gangsta’s Paradise, Alanis Morristette, and Shania Twain. Possibly creating a new friendship or two.

3. Chapman’s Fun World!

The giant water slide and go-karts. Can we bring it back??

4. 13 Steps

Can you make each step? Or are you scared?

13 Steps in Palo

5. Old MacDonald’s Farm at Bever Park Zoo

Touring through Old MacDonald’s farm during the summer or on a field trip, and at the end of the tour you got to go into the air conditioned monkey building to see the monkeys.

Bever Park Zoo in 90s

6. Westdale Mall Cinema & Lindale 6 Theatres

Long before Wynnsong and Galaxy there were a few mini smaller theatres such as Lindale 6 and Westdale Mall Cinema.

Lindale Theatres

7. Shakeys Pizza

Pizza through the glass!

Shakeys pizza 

8. Bishop’s Buffet

All the desserts!

Bishops - 90s

9. Super Skate

Birthday parties, school trips, or just for fun. Four corners, limbo, slow skates. Practice room. It was so fun listening to your favorite songs and skate with your friends.


10. Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets

Go Silver Bullets!

  Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets

11. A&W Rootbeer

After a long day at the river or just a typical summer day, you would go to the drive in and order a root beer float.

12. Taste of Iowa

Labor Day weekend fun! Food, music, and fireworks on May’s Island.

13. Show Biz/Chuck E. Cheese

Arcade games, rides, and best of all, live entertainment. Our poor, poor parents.

ShowBiz Pizza 90's

Chuck E Cheese in Cedar Rapids

14. Bruce Aune’s Mustache

Last but certainly not least! Remember the days when Bruce had his mustache? There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to bringing it back! Sorry, Bruce! We love you!

Bruce Aune

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