Skogman Pacesetters: December 2018 Feature Image

Congratulations to December Pacesetters! These agents sold more than $300,000 in real estate during the month of December and are setting the pace for a strong 2019. Congratulations to you all!

The Jill Armstrong Team, Kristine Baldwin, Cory Barnard, Tabby Barnes, Kelly Bemus, Will Brandt, Debra Callahan, Diona Carpenter, Katie Chalupa, Kim Dallago, Tiffany Earl, Steve Emig, Marian Flink, Matt Ford, Jill Hartke, Monica Hayes, Cathy Hill, PSN Homes, Jerry Howe, Lee Huedepohl, The Johnson Team, Bob Kalous, Doug Laird, Doug Lemon, Brooke Lisk, Phoebe Martin, Robyn Meister, Scott Olson, Paul Pate III, Rebecca Phipps, Mike Pilarczyk, The Prahm Group, Brian Rosteck, Joy Seyfer, Amy Starr, Whitney Stormer, Jeff Tackaberry, Sara Vancura, Votroubek Group, Jeff Wenthe, and Autumn Wood!

Jill Armstrong Team

Kristine Baldwin

Cory Barnard

Tabby Barnes

Kelly Bemus



Debra Callahan



Katie Chalupa

Kim Dallago

Tiffany Earl Williams

Steve Emig

Marian & Roger Flink

Matt Ford

Jill Hartke

Monica Hayes

Cathy Hill

PSN Homes

Jerry Howe

Lee Huedepohl

The Johnson Team

Bob Kalous

Doug Laird

Doug Lemon

Brooke Lisk

Phoebe Martin

Robyn Meister

Scott Olson

Paul Pate III

Rebecca Phipps

Mike Pilarcyzk

The Prahm Group

Brian Rosteck

Joy Seyfer

Amy Starr

Whitney Stormer

Jeff Tackaberry

Sara Vancura

Votroubek Group

Jeff Wenthe

Autumn Wood









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