Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle in February Feature Image

This month is a perfect month to tackle indoor home maintenance tasks before the weather starts to warm up! Make the most of your indoor time before you have more important warmer things to do.

Touch up paint
Go through each room with the eye of a visitor. Look for dings, nicks, and scratches on your walls (and doors and molding if they’re painted) and see if you can clean it off with a little water and elbow grease or a magic eraser. If it doesn’t come off easily, go ahead and touch up with a bit of paint.

Clean and degrease kitchen cabinets
Now is a good time to degrease your kitchen cabinets. There are a few different methods of removing grime and grease stains. Here are some tips: http://bit.ly/remove-grease.

Clean Refrigerator coils
This is an often forgotten about task but very important. Cleaning your coils helps the refrigerator run more efficiently. Check with your refrigerator’s manufacturer on how to best clean.

Check bathroom for mold and mildew
With your house being closed up tight during the winter months, moisture can build up, producing mold and mildew. Check your bathroom to see if anything has been growing.

Start planning for a spring home sale
Spring has historically been the time where the housing market tends to pick up. If you’re considering moving this year, now is a great time to start preparing your home for the market. Talk to your Skogman real estate agent to see where to start.

Indulge in weekly flowers
Okay, this one isn’t a necessity, but doesn’t it sound nice? It’s a great way to brighten up your house in the cold, gray month of February. There’s an end in sight…spring is almost here!


Good luck! And Happy February!

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