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Whether you use it to follow your friends, seek daily inspiration, be the first to see the latest and greatest meme or see tasty recipes, Instagram has something for everyone. Check out our list of local Instagrammers we think you should add to your ‘following’ list.

Alisabeth Von Presley

1. Alisabeth Von Presley @alisabethvonpresley

If you’re looking for pink, glitter and rock-and-roll, Alisabeth is your woman. Although she’s a commercial photographer by day, she also has a full time gig as a singer. She performs locally frequently and will soon be embarking on a 19+ city tour around the USA.


Troy Eiffert StudioU Photography

2. Troy Eiffert @troyfert

Troy is a professional photographer and co-owner of StudioU Photography with his wife, Heidi. You’ll find quirky, artsy posts detailing his life and experiences as a human and dad. Check out his alter ego/creative outlet account at @mr.rotundo.


William P Buckets

3. William Buckets @williampbuckets

William was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, picked up photography 3.5 years ago, and started shooting on his phone as he traveled the state as an IT guy for his day job. He fell in love with it, and found a passion for shooting Cedar Rapids and working with local talent. He started the @319illgrammers page, where he features local photographers work, sponsor contests and host “Instameets” where local photographers, models and creatives meet somewhere in the area to shoot and exchange ideas, etc. Currently, he travels as much as he can on weekends to keep documenting new sights and sounds while continuing to represent CR and Eastern IA.


Lego Matt

4. Lego Matt @lego_grimmy1

With a smile always on his face, Lego Matt enjoys exploring the outdoors, the Chicago Cubs, the Iowa Hawkeyes and photography. Follow Lego Matt on his adventures around the Corridor and beyond.



Jenny Valliere Miss Iowa USA 2018

5. Jenny Valliere @jennyvonz

Recently crowned Miss Iowa USA 2018, Jenny is an afternoon personality on Z102.9 from 3-7 pm Monday through Friday. She posts photos about her journey as Miss Iowa USA, working for z102.9, and her travels.


Forrest Saunders KCRG

6. Forrest Saunders @forrestsaunders

Forrest is an anchor and reporter for KCRG. You’ll see behind-the-scenes shots of his work at KCRG, unique aerial shots of the Cedar Rapids area and more.


Phillip Platz

7. Phillip Platz @phillipplatz

Phillip became a Cedar Rapidian and #319illgrammer in 2010 and has enjoyed watching the city bounce back from the floods of 2008. He’s been living in New Bohemia and his passionate about bicycling, human rights, community development, and accessibility. When he’s not changing the world, he enjoys capturing shots along the road less traveled.


Michael Grobin - Michael Grobin Photography

8. Michael Grobin @michaelgrobin

Michael is an Iowa based photographer specializing in weddings, portraits and travel. “Photography has always been a way for me to not only express myself artistically, but to also escape everyday stress. I’ve always found traveling and photography to be extremely therapeutic.” Follow along as he captures beautiful people, sceneries and more.


Steve Shriver

9. Steve Shriver @steveshriver

You never know what you’ll find on Steve’s Instagram feed. From dolls to landscapes to weird stuff in his house, he’s always capturing unique shots. Steve is the CEO and founder of Eco Lips and owner of Brewhemia coffee shop in the New Bohemia district.


Mary Mathis - Mary Mathis Photography

10. Mary Mathis @marycatmathis

As someone who has had work published in the NY Times, Outside Magazine, and is a frequent contributor to the Gazette, Mary has accomplished a lot as a college student. She is currently double majoring in photojournalism and fine art photography at the University of Iowa. She also owns Mary Mathis Photography and started @foolsmag at her time at Iowa. You’ll find adventures of her life as a college student, an artist and more on her feed.

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