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The holiday music is on, the decorations are out and the fireplace is on. You’ve started making your shopping lists – and maybe even started your shopping. It’s a fun time of year, although it can be overwhelming trying to come up with gifts for everyone in your life. If you’re struggling for ideas, read through our list of easy and creative gifts for neighbors or whoever else in your life you need a small gift for!

Hot Cocoa Mix

1. Hot cocoa kit

Fill a mason jar with hot cocoa mix, a handful of marshmallows, and crushed candy canes or chocolate chips and wrap a ribbon around the lid. Cute and affordable, this gift doesn’t cost much but shows thoughtfulness during the busy holiday season.

christmas holly decoration

2. Hand-picked ornament

Not the crafty type? Head to the store and pick out a festive ornament that reminds you of your neighbor. Maybe it’s one with their last name initial or is reminiscent of a fun time you’ve had together. Are they a fan of the Hawkeyes? Pick up a Herky ornament!

Winter snow shovelling

3. Act of service

Whether your neighbor is older and could use help with shoveling once it snows, or if you have neighbors with young children and could offer to babysit for date night, everyone is thankful for a good deed. Write or type your gift idea on some fun, holiday stationary and hand deliver it to them.

Lasagne al forno

4. Homemade meal

Since cookies and other treats can be a blessing and a curse (we want them, but we’re trying not to over-do it!), think about making a meal for your neighbor. If they love Italian, make a lasagna. Pizza lovers? Put together a meal kit so they can make their own pizzas. Just make sure you’re aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions they may have.


5. Board game or movie

Encourage family bonding time with a fun board game or cool movie. Life can get really busy, sometimes we need a reminder to slow down and enjoy our loved ones. Pick up one of the classics or something new, you can’t go wrong!

Cup of coffee and notepad with to do list on turquoise wooden table top view. Planning work concept.

6. Notepad

Is there a list-lover in your life? Pick out a festive notepad you think they’ll like. To take things up a notch, list all the things about them that you’re grateful for on the top sheet.


7. Address labels

This one is especially easy – everyone uses them and you can never have enough. Order some address labels for your neighbor to use throughout the year. If you’re not sure about their house number, take a quick look outside. They’ll think of you every time they go to put a label on their envelope!


8. Houseplant

Now that the weather outside is not so delightful, bring some greenery into your neighbor’s house with a plant or succulent. Succulents are a good option for neighbors who lack a green thumb, because they don’t require a lot of work.

Sugar Scrub

9. DIY bath bomb or sugar scrub

You don’t have to be crafty to make a sugar scrub or bath bomb - you can make them with household products you probably already have! Mix your sugar scrub and put it into a mason jar or make some bath bombs and put into a clear bag with a ribbon tie.

Serving food at a restaurant

10. Gift card to local restaurant

Running late on time or need something easy? Grab a gift card from a local restaurant you know they like. You’ll be supporting a local business and giving your neighbors the gift of a delicious meal.

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