November 2017 Pacesetters! Feature Image

Congratulations to our November Pacesetters! The following agents made our Pacesetter List for November 2017: The Jill Armstrong Team, Lana Baldus, Deb Burger, Debra Callahan, Katie Chalupa, Tiffany Earl, Renae Forsyth-Christy, Jesse Grade, Mary Hadenfeldt, Brent Hagerman, Monica Hayes, Cathy Hill, PSN Homes, Jerry Howe, Lee Huedepohl, Margie Jenkins, The Gwen Johnson Team, Bob Kalous, Brooke Lisk, Shaner Magalhaes, Heather Morris, Dan Nosbish, Scott Olson, Brain Rosteck, Gunther Sandersfeld, Joy Seyfer, Amy Starr, The Votroubek Group, Mindi White, Steve White, and Autumn Wood!

Jill Armstrong Team

Lana Baldus

Deb Burger

Debra Callahan

Katie Chalupa

Tiffany Earl

Renae Forsyth Christy

Jesse Grade

Mary Hadenfeldt

Brent Hagerman

Monica Hayes

Cathy Hill

PSN Homes

Jerry Howe

Lee Huedepohl

Margie Jenkins

The Johnson Team

Bob Kalous

Brooke Lisk

Shaner Magalhaes

Heather Morris

Dan Nosbish

Scott Olson

Brian Rosteck

Gunther Sandersfeld

Joy Seyfer

Amy Starr

The Votroubek Group

Mindi White

Carolyn Shay

Autumn Wood

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