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Skogman Realty cares deeply about the communities it serves, which is why we aim to support local charities and nonprofits in the area. One such organization is the Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids. This nonprofit was founded in 2008 and aims to assist homeless animals via medical and surgical treatment in order to increase their chances of adoption. In some cases, the treatments have made medical history, such as the story of Lilly Rose, a beagle diagnosed with four different defects in her heart. The Critter Crusaders were able to refer Lilly to Colorado State University, a world leader in animal heart surgery. From there she received two revolutionary heart surgeries which saved her life. This is just one of many success stories of animals becoming healthy and adopted, thanks to the Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids.

Victoria Torres, a Skogman agent and Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids volunteer, has been intimately involved with the organization and dedicates her time to assisting with fundraising events.

When asked about the significance of this organization Victoria Torres stated, “[The Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids] are near and dear to my heart because I see how each and every volunteer gives so much to do whatever it takes for these animals that otherwise would have no chance of survival. Animals suffering from parvo [Canine parvovirus] and other illnesses. Animals who have been beaten and left for dead. Animals who have been hit by cars. The list goes on.”

The Critter Crusaders will be hosting a fundraiser this Saturday, February 25th to raise money to better the health and adoptability of hopeless animals in our community. The 7th Annual Mardi Growl and Meow Gala is a Mardi Gras themed evening which includes dinner, drinks, dancing, and music! This event is just one of many throughout the year which aims to bring awareness and funding to the Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids.

Many houses are only a home once they have been filled with a loving animal to care for. The Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids have done a wonderful job in assisting the homeless animal population and placing them with loving families and shelters. Skogman Cares about it’s community and the animals that make it up, so should you!

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