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Want to take your Super Bowl viewing party from drab to fab? Look no further! Below is a comprehensive list of decorations, seating options, sweets and treats to make any Super Bowl party an absolute victory. Even if your favorite football team didn’t make the cut, Super Bowl parties at home are a must for one of the most anticipated Sundays of the year.

1. AstroTurf Coasters: Head out to any home goods store and purchase the necessary amount of AstroTurf or artificial grass (1 foot of material makes 3 coasters). Cut this piece into smaller 3.5 x 3.5in squares or 3.5in diameter circles for round coasters. The result is an adorable array of football themed drink accessories for all your guests to enjoy.

2. Football Deviled Eggs: Enhance this crowd favorite with an easy football spin! Prepare your deviled eggs in the traditional manner. Near the end of the process, instead of topping the dish with paprika and dill, use cut chives instead. These garnishings will become the “laces” a football. Cut one long strip of chive to be placed in the center of the longest side of the egg. Additionally, cut 3 smaller pieces of chive to be placed perpendicular to the long section. Carefully press each chive into the egg in order for it to keep its structure. Finally, line the bottom of your serving plate with kale to create a ‘football field’ effect.

3. Football Field Tablecloth: Turn your food table into your company’s very own football field. Simply line the table with a green cloth or cover and use white painter’s tape to outline the markings on the field.

4. Referee Refreshments: Get your water bottles into the game by dressing them in a referee uniform. Simply purchase black and white striped paper. Cut appropriately so it fits around the water bottle and covers the original label, secure with tape.

5. Penalty Napkins: Hand out penalty cards as napkins! Serve yellow napkins out of a tin or dish with the sign, “Penalty Cards” on the front. Instant football party favorite!

6. Seating Suggestion: It seems like a no-brainer but many football viewing parties are not equipped with suitable seating arrangements. In general, try to keep guests directly in front of the television if possible. This will avoid glare and viewers inability to view the screen. Additionally, make sure there are enough seats for every individual at the function.

7. Commercial Bingo: This game will have viewers glued to the TV during commercials. Simply create bingo cards with categories such as, “smartphone commercial,” “talking M&Ms,” “movie trailer,” or “chip commercial.” Hand each guest a card and pen as they walk in the door. Each time they see one of the categories they cross out the associated box. First person to get 5 in a row up or down wins!

8. Football Mason Jars: Spice up any drink by making it into a mini football! Cut white painter’s tape into 4 pieces. The longest piece of tape being just short of the length of the glass. The remaining three pieces, shorter than the first, will be placed perpendicular to the long piece and act as the “laces.”

9. Balloon Decor: Purchase balloon bouquets in the colors of the opposing teams. Use a sharpie to write the name of the team, player’s numbers, or sayings of encouragement for each side.

10. Snack Stadium: The ultimate Super Bowl snack experience! Purchase an over-sized aluminum tray. Fill the center with your favorite dips, such as bean dip or guacamole, this will act as the ‘field.’ Leave about 2-3 inches space on the outer portion of the container. Then, fill the remaining space with chips to accompany the dips, this will act as the ‘crowd.’ Finally, use sour cream on the center dips to create field markings. Lastly, little weenies on toothpicks will act as the ‘goal posts’ on either end. Secure the end zones and posts with cubes of cheese. Enjoy!

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