5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests Feature Image

The holidays are a special time of year to spend with family and friends. It can be a time full of laughter and fun but it can also be stressful to get everything done. Do not fret… here’s a list of ways to help you prepare your home for holiday guests, or just guests in general.

Create a drop zone. If you have a lot of people coming over for a party, think about where they are going to put their coats and shoes. It may not be a bad idea to get out an extra rubber mat for shoes incase it’s wet outside.

Clean your house. You’re probably thinking, “Duh! I’m going to clean my house!” but don’t forget about those things that probably don’t get cleaned all too often such as the microwave, coffee maker, trashcans, etc. Microwaves are sometimes the worst to clean but it’s not so bad if you use a lemon. Seriously, try these instructions on how to clean your microwave easily.

Safety First. Check your first aid kit to ensure if all the essentials are there. See the Anatomy of a First Aid Kit by the American Red Cross. Accidents happen, it never hurts to be prepared. Double check that your fire extinguisher is fresh. Put it in a place that’s easily accessible.

Spruce up the guest room. Have fresh linens, extra pillows, and extra blankets available for your guests. Keep a lamp, clock, and a mirror in the room for them. Think about other things that would make them more comfortable during their stay. 

Bathroom Duty. This is the biggest one. Wipe down sink, mirror, and toilet. Make it sparkle with cleanliness. Have enough dry hand towels, hand soap, and toilet paper handy in the bathroom(s). There’s nothing worse than not being able to wash and dry your hands or get stuck without toilet paper.

That’s it! You got this! Remember, hospitality isn’t about having a perfect, clean home with the best tasting food and drinks – it’s about how you make your guests feel. Enjoy!

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